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Meet motusbank

A new movement in banking.

You’re gonna want to see this.

Sign up early to get an unreal mortgage rate

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Every Canadian deserves a shot at owning a home. That’s why we’re launching with an incredibly low mortgage rate, exclusively for new motusbank members.

How low? Sign up, and you’ll be the first to know this spring.

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  • 1. When does motusbank launch?

    We’re in the final stretch and planning to launch in spring 2019. Sign up with us now and we’ll keep you posted on the exact dates. We promise, you’ll be among the first to know!

  • 2. What makes motusbank different from the other digital banks in Canada?

    In a word, you. We’re 100% accountable to our customers, who we call members because it better reflects the fact that you’re part of our community.

    Instead of shareholder returns, we’ll focus on offering better pricing and services. We may be a digital bank but we’re also full service. If you need help, just pick up the phone and talk to someone (kinda like our ancestors did).

  • 3. What kind of products will you offer?

    Everything you need for day-to-day banking, including a no-fee chequing account, a high interest savings account, loans, lines of credit, investments, and yes, even mortgages. Wait till you see our mortgages!

  • 4. Will you have branches?

    No. But we will offer an amazing, fully digital and full service experience, backed up by full telephone support (yes, operated by real humans) and access to one of Canada’s largest ATM networks.

  • 5. What if I need to speak to someone?

    You can just give us a call. Our Member Service team will be ready to help you bank from wherever you are.

    Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am to 12:00 am (ET)

  • 6. How will I open an account or apply for a mortgage?

    You can do everything online and through your mobile phone, and that includes applying for a mortgage.

  • 7. How will I get a bank card?

    We’ll send you your (very cool looking) motusbank debit card and PIN number in the mail, when you open a savings or chequing account.

  • 8. Will you have ATMs?

    We sure will. As a motusbank member, you’ll have access to THE EXCHANGE Network® – one of Canada’s largest ATM networks, which features over 3,700 no-fee ATMs. You’ll also be able to access your money through the Accel and Cirrus networks when travelling to the US and internationally.

  • 9. Will I be able to access my account when I’m travelling?

    Yes. You’ll be able to access your account anywhere, anytime, through online and mobile banking. You’ll just need access to the internet.

  • 10. Is my money safe with motusbank?

    You bet. Our parent company, Meridian Credit Union, has been helping Ontarians feel good about banking for over 75 years. As the largest credit union in Ontario, Meridian has our back and yours. motusbank is a member of the CDIC. Eligible deposits are insured up to $100,000 under CDIC. Plus, we’re so confident in our online security that any unauthorized transactions will be reimbursed completely. 100% Guaranteed. Safety first!

  • Privacy

    At motusbank, you are always in control of your personal information.

    Your consent will be obtained at, or before the time that collection, use or disclosure of personal information occurs (except when specific legislative or circumstances apply) and your consent is valid until you withdraw this information, or we choose to securely dispose of your personal information.

    For digital marketing purposes, we need to tell you the following important information:

    • Your personal information is securely stored in Canada by Motus Bank™ (‘motusbank’) and will not be shared with any external party without your permission;
    • Your personal information will be solely used to email updates and advertising of products and services offered by motusbank;
    • You may unsubscribe from email updates at any time by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ at any time and we will process your request within 10 business days.

    If you have questions or concerns at any time about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please call our Contact Centre on 1 833 696 6887 or email us at

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